The map

Barcelona Raval Map

After living so much of this neighborhood, walking the streets, having conversations, eating, and looking around, we wanted to tell you what happens in the streets of the Raval. We designed a guide / map showing this multicultural neighborhood expressed through a concentration of art exhibited in every corner of the Raval. It guides you to a variety of services such as where to eat/buy food, cafes with Wifi, botigas, designer shops, concert halls , galleries, extended events calendar and more …

We want people from the neighborhood, people from different neighborhoods, and tourists alike, to be able to easily find places based on their interests and needs with complete information on things like schedules, offers, services, promotions.

Paper format:

Barcelona Raval Map has an accordion type shape making it easy to find the information you’re looking for and that is comfortable to carry around.  It measures 16 X15 cm closed.


Personalized, detailed, high-quality photography

Text describing the business’ information (phone, web, hours.)

Trilingual: Castilian, Catalan and English

Highlighting any promotions that the business may have

A space which exhibits a zonal guide (location map)

References (icons) that distinguish descriptive services

Icons identifying publicity campaigns of the neighborhood


It has a comfortable and innovative format with high quality design and usability to find the desired information


Printed on recycled paper with FSC certification (responsibly managed forests)


Quarterly. Out for season: summer, autumn, winter, spring



Digital Format:

Our website is constantly updated and all the information found in the different editions of the map can be easily accessed, whether it be cultural or commercial. In addition there is advertising space that can be reserved.

On the website you will find detailed information on each place, its map location and information, and neighborhood publicity campaigns. You’ll have access to promotions and to the agenda of San Miguel, CCCB and Cinematheque de Catalunya.